Digital/ IT Consultancy

Valtech is a full service agile digital powerhouse.

Historically positioned as a traditional IT services provider, the current Management team, transformed the positioning of the company to address the new needs of business leaders in a now digital-focused era. In this new era brands have to be focused on experiences and more precisely on orchestrating those experiences, integrating them with their existing systems and making them evolve.

Helping companies to design and implement both an emotional and rational multi-touchpoint shopping experience is Valtech’s focus, powered by its “Agile Marketing” vision. The Valtech teams are experts in delivering value to their customers. They remain engaged with retail throughout the full digital transformation process, from strategic consulting to customer experience re-designing both online and in store experiences. This includes concept development and optimization of business critical digital platforms.

Valtech brings very specific know-how to the consistency of brand and service experience on all customer touchpoints, the design and digital platform implementation and the personalization of messaging and web content thanks to real-time consumer data processing using a high volume of information from multiple sources (so called “big data”).