Sula is India’s largest wine producer, with strong leadership in the domestic wine market, a wide offering covering all occasions and price ranges and a sales and distribution organization reaching 99% of Indian wine consumers. The Company also imports selected foreign wine and spirits brands.

Sula was started in 1999 by Stanford University-trained Rajeev Samant who planted vineyards on his family land in Nashik, Maharastra, a region traditionally known for table grapes that has now become the “Napa Valley” of India. Although the market has been growing by 20% annually, wine consumption in India (4l per capita per year) is still considerable lower than China (45l per capita per year), not to mention France (88l per capita per year). Hence, we are true believers in the prospects of Indian wine and Sula for the decades to come.

Verlinvest invested in Sula in 2010.