Leblon is a New York based spirits company that markets and distributes premium Brazilian Cachaça, mostly in the US though increasingly in Brazil and Europe. Cachaça (pronounced: ka-shah-sa), the national spirit of Brazil, is produced from sugar cane and is the third most consumed spirit globally, predominantly in Caipirinhas (pronounced kai-pur-EEN-ya) – a refreshing cocktail made with muddled limes, sugar, ice & Cachaça. Working with a leading French expert, Leblon is produced with a unique distillation process that yields a premium spirit with an extraordinary smooth taste. The superior product, combined with the Company’s branding strategy, has resulted in a premium Cachaça spirit that has captured a clear US leadership position on the premium Cachaça segment.

Verlinvest invested in Leblon in January 2010 and sold it to Bacardi in 2015.