Drums Food is an upcoming new age FMCG company in India which markets branded fresh consumer products under the brand “Epigamia”. With innovation as their fuel, they are constantly pushing boundaries by crafting contemporary versions of traditional foods. With their first launch, Greek yogurt, they managed to bring out curd’s full potential by straining it to boost the protein content and infusing it with real fruit to stimulate the taste buds. Since then, they have launched many products that have pushed boundaries, be it the amazing burst of taste & texture when crunchy granola meets yogurt in Epigamia Snack Pack or launching the first ever Lactose-free range of Curd and Mishti Doi in India or even the lactose-free Greek Yogurt Smoothies.

Drums Food was started by Wharton-grad Rohan Mirchandani.

Verlinvest invested in Drums Food in July 2016 alongside DSGCP, our Indian venture capital partner, and represents our first co-investment together along the lines of our partnership to invest in young Indian consumer brands with highly scalable prospects.