The global leader in coconut water

Verlinvest has helped transform Vita Coco from a pioneer in packaged coconut water in New
York into a leading health and wellness consumer brand now available in 30 countries.

The journey

In 2005, during a casual outing to a New York City bar, childhood friends Mike Kirban and Ira Liran met two young women from Brazil. When asked what they missed most about their country, the ladies said “agua de coco” which they called the most nutritious and delicious drink in the world. Two months later, the guys came up with a plan to bring coconut water to the US. Vita Coco was born.

Vita Coco is one of the fastest growing natural beverage companies in the world focused on just one thing: coconuts.

In 2007, Verlinvest partnered with the founders of Vita Coco to provide the capital to support the growth of the business, notably through expanded distribution in the US and international expansion. The result has been sales growth of ~100% per year since our investment.

Turning Vitacoco global

Hand-in-hand with the outstanding Vita Coco team, Verlinvest has helped establish Vita Coco as a truly global, health and wellness brand.

Verlinvest, through its global offices in New York, Brussels and Singapore, continues to work closely with the Vita Coco team to drive significant value.

Verlinvest is actively involved in all key business development decisions. In particular, Verlinvest brought ongoing strategic and analytical support to the CEO and helped prioritize key markets for the international expansion. We provided support to launch the business in the UK, helped recruit key managers and helped grow the business to a number 1 market position. Verlinvest also helped negotiate agreement with a key distributor in China and provided market insights to support the launch in Asia and Europe.