XSEED: A class apart

Oct 08, 2017

For almost 10 years, K-8 learning company XSeed has been working at transforming primary school education in India through step-by-step lesson plans for teachers and students.

The teacher’s voice rings out across the classroom. “Settle down” she says, and promptly the Class 6 students scuttle to their wooden desks. The middle-aged Farida Mun, or “Farida ma’am”, dressed in a printed pink rida, turns to her table where a large bowl of water stands. One at a time she takes three stones – large, medium and small – and drops them into the water. “Observe what happens” she instructs the class. Eleven-year-old Hasan, who has been sitting towards the rear end, swinging his legs back and forth, jumps out of his seat to look at what Mun is doing.

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